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Robbie, 20, Uk.
I like Vidja games, Comic books, music and being a creative son of bitch :)

Instagram: thespaceboyy

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I want to be on that boat purely because Sonic’s insanity probably makes for incredible on-board entertainment

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Comics Femslash Favourite Fanon Couples | Cassie & Kara

If there is not a universe where this is canon I refuse to believe in DC’s alternate universe theories. 

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Damn I really do miss the pre new 52 Teen Titans, there was so much depth and history to the team and thats what made them my favourite super hero team out there. That’s the one thing that drove me away from the new 52 Teen Titans, the lack of history and heart that the old team had.

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"We do this to help people, right? Save lives. So even if we die saving one — it’s worth the trade-off. Right?”

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this perfection is back on my dash again

period leak

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